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Why Horizon

Why Horizon

HORIZON CHEMICAL Solutions is a trading & consultancy house formed by a group of experts for developing, manufacturing, trading and providing business development solutions for our partners in different industrial sectors.


HORIZON© aim is to help members of the industrial community in their seek of providing and developing sustainable products/services ensuring the best balance between economy, society and environment returns.


HORIZON© is a trading, manufacturing, developing and consultancy firm in the field of chemical industry solution that aims to be one of the leading firms in these field in MENA and Africa regions within the next 5 years.

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our milestone

our milestone

From day one we had a strategy to be industry leaders, and throughout each step, we prove that we are a hub for experts in various fields.

2005 that was the year when we established CHEMGALAXY . We took our first step to penetrate the chemical industry market, especially the Agrochemical field and we decided to position our company as value, knowhow, and technology providers.

2008 During and after the world financial crisis, and as we also try to find potential during hard times, we started to take a step forward to sale end products directly to the agrochemical market. Then it was the time to our next step, which is to make a backward integration, so not only the end products but also the raw chemicals. And that was the trigger to our next big step, as we started to ask "Why don’t we diversify!?"

2009 As it was decided that it was the time to diversify, we established HORIZON CHEMICAL . Having multiple well-established relations within the chemical industry suppliers, also the R&D background, we’re able to penetrate many other industries beside agrochemicals, such as oil and gas, Food and Beverage, Paints and Coating, Detergents and Cosmetics, Textiles, Constructions, and more...

2012 as we are always known as researchers and tech leaders, that was the year when we divide more deeply in how to provide newer solutions to be able to penetrate new markets. We worked on planning our new resources that are required to the next big moves.

2014 as planned we managed to be a first hand traders in many vitals raw chemicals as we opened our horizon to reach multiple foreign sources for raw chemicals, and that helped as to penetrate many new markets.

2017 - 2018 Welcome Africa. As it was planned not only to trade locally but also to open new markets globally, Africa was the first step achieving that goal. We successfully reached many East Africa countries, such as Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Burkina Faso, and Côte d'Ivoire , where we decided to launch our office there to be our first globally expansion point.

2018 as we always looking for new opportunities we took another step of diversification. At that time we decided to penetrate specialty chemicals in various fields. To do it right, we searched for an international partner that would represent new technologies to the Egyptian market. That was when we partnered with NCR-BIOCHEMICAL ... our Italian partner that has a wide range of scientific research that suits our vision as we see R&D comes first. Together we provide new solutions to various industries such as Sugar Industry ,Paper Industry , and Water Treatment Industry .

2020 Following the same diversification concept, we took our first step into Pharmaceutical field and we successfully provided APIs to many of the industry companies.

2021 Welcome MENA Region. Another point of expansion globally, but this time in the Gulf area at UAE, we established HORICHEM so we would be so close to the MENA Region and Asian markets to open new horizons.

2022 Having R&D solid background, we wanted not only to provide our services to the commercial field, but also we started to spread knowledge and knowhow through our latest prospect project HORIZON ACADEMY . We provides training courses in multiple industrial fields as we see the need to that level of experience to be shared.


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Diversity is not only in the wide range of chemicals and industries we serve but also means the markets and countries we reach. At HORIZON CHEMICAL we reach many destinations worldwide and yet... other destinations will be reached soon !.