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Boric Acid


Molecular Formula :


Grade :

Industrial Grade

CAS Number :




Min.Order Quantity :

25 Metric Tons per Month

Supply Ability :

1000 Metric Tons per Month

Origin :


Introducing Boric Acid, a versatile compound with a wide array of applications across numerous industries. Our Boric Acid is crafted with precision and excellence, meeting the diverse needs of production managers in the following sectors:

  • Fiberglass Manufacturing: In the industry of fiberglass production, Boric Acid is an essential ingredient. It contributes to the strength, flexibility, and thermal resistance of fiberglass, enabling the creation of materials that are integral to various construction and automotive applications.
  • Detergents Manufacturing: Boric Acid finds substantial use in the formulation of cleaning products. It enhances cleansing properties, allowing for effective stain removal and cleaning in household and industrial contexts.
  • Insecticide Production: As an active ingredient in insecticides, Boric Acid is known for its efficacy in controlling various insects and pests. It’s used in both residential and agricultural insecticides, providing a solution that’s both gentle and powerful.
  • Fertilizer Manufacturing: In the world of agriculture, Boric Acid is utilized in the synthesis of fertilizers. It serves as a source of boron, a micronutrient essential for plant growth and development, fostering healthy crops and enhanced yields.
  • Wood Preservation: Boric Acid acts as a preservative for wood, offering protection against decay, molds, and insects. It’s used in the treatment of timber and wooden structures, ensuring durability and longevity.
  Our Boric Acid embodies our commitment to quality, innovation, and adaptability. Designed to meet and exceed industry standards, it offers an exceptional solution for applications that demand integrity, performance, and efficiency. Production managers seeking a dependable, high-quality product will find our Boric Acid to be an ideal choice.