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Calcium Carbonate


Molecular Formula :


Grade :

Industrial Grade

CAS Number :




Min.Order Quantity :

25 Metric Tons per Month

Supply Ability :

1000 Metric Tons per Month

Origin :


Calcium Carbonate : A Versatile Compound Across Various Industries

A Pivotal Component in Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing

  • Calcium Carbonate is an incredibly versatile compound with a myriad of applications in several sectors. Its attributes play an essential role in plastics and rubber manufacturing.
  • Calcium Carbonate serves as a key component in the plastics industry, contributing significantly to the durability and heat resistance of products. It helps in maintaining structural integrity, offering improved stiffness and hardness.
  • Calcium Carbonate is a game-changer in rubber production. It enhances the physical properties of rubber, including tensile strength and abrasion resistance, ensuring longevity and efficiency in the final product.

Transforming Paint, Paper, and Glass Manufacturing

  • Calcium Carbonate is making a substantial difference in the production processes of paint, paper, and glass.
  • Calcium Carbonate is a cost-effective filler and pigment extender, improving the overall quality of paint. It contributes to the paint’s brightness and opacity, offering a superior finish.
  • In the paper industry, Calcium Carbonate’s role is indispensable. It is used as a filler and coating pigment, enhancing the brightness, opacity, and smoothness of the paper.
  • Calcium Carbonate is a crucial ingredient in glass production, contributing significantly to its hardness and shine. It ensures clarity, strength, and durability in glass products.

Crucial in the Production of Animal Feed, Fertilizers, and Building Materials**

  • Calcium Carbonate’s widespread applications extend to the production of animal feed, fertilizers, and building materials.
  • Calcium Carbonate is a popular ingredient in animal feed and agricultural fertilizers, enhancing nutrient content and optimizing soil properties, respectively.
  • It plays a vital role in the construction industry, being a key ingredient in cement and concrete. Calcium Carbonate enhances durability, stability, and corrosion resistance in building materials.

Indispensable in Iron and Steel Production

  • Calcium Carbonate is invaluable in the iron and steel industry due to its diverse functionalities.
  • Calcium Carbonate plays a significant role in the purification process of iron and steel. It aids in the removal of impurities and improves the overall quality of the metals, leading to robust and durable final products.